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    Business Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 am – 5:30 pm (excluding holidays)


    To learn more about advertising, contact us at 864-235-1073, or send us an inquiry.

    Prize Pickup Instructions

    Due to COVID-19, our prize pick-up protocol has changed. After you win, our promotions staff will reach out to you and schedule a time for you to retrieve your prize and complete any necessary paperwork.


    Maurice DeVoe
    Operations Manager
    Phone: (864) 235-1073
    Email: maurice.devoe@summitmediacorp.com

    Sheba Foxx
    News & PSA Director
    Phone: (864) 235-1073
    Email: sheba@1073jamz.com

    Steven Fulton
    Promotions Director
    Phone: (864) 235-1073
    Email: steven.fulton@summitmediacorp.com


    Kathy Lee Jones
    General Sales Manager
    Phone: (864) 282-1019
    Email: kathylee.jones@summitmediacorp.com

    Katie Joner
    Sales Assistant
    Phone: (864) 235-1073
    Email: katie.joner@summitmediacorp.com